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It’s not that long ago that I discovered that my personality kind of matches the one of an introvert. I’m not particularly fond of labels, as I feel they oversimplify complexity. Yet, when I started reading about introversion, I felt at home, understood, liberated.

Being a singer and songwriter, pouring out my feelings and sensations in the form of songs, standing on stage, under the spotlight, might not fit in the imagery of introversion. At the beginning of my career, the idea of being in the limelight felt like a contradiction to who I felt I was. However, I’ve later realized that the stage can also be a liberating experience, where I get to freely express my emotions and let it all come out. And I also get to play extrovert -just a tiny bit- for as long as my set is going. In the music business, as well as in almost any other aspect of life, I still feel we introverts need to explain ourselves to the extrovert-majority, and I imagine a time when everyone will be accepted for who they really are, breaking the chains of expectations. For now, I hope you enjoy my music as shelter and refuge.



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