I’ve been an Introvert all of my life but I didn’t realize it till my mid-twenties. It was the year 2000 and I went to watch the new Tom Hanks movie Cast Away by myself, in the theaters. The following Monday at my company’s daily round table meeting a colleague asked what I did over the weekend so I told him I saw Cast Away, then proceeded to express how fantastic it would be to be trapped on a deserted Island all by yourself. The room went deadly silent and everyone looked at me like I just farted during the moment of silence in church! Finally, another colleague spoke up and said “Wow, you must be extremely introverted!” I laughed it off and said “I guess so” and barely said anything else the rest of the meeting.

Introverted? What the hell is introverted? So I set out to understand if I was an “Introvert”. After some quick research of the characteristics of an Introvert I determined that I was indeed an Introvert

Q:   Do you prefer to be alone? √
A:   Yup! The more alone time the better!

Q:   Are you drained by social interactions? √
A:   Absolutely! My Social Battery drains quickly and the more people the faster it drains.

Q:   Do you prefer working by yourself? √
A:   Of course! Working in a team especially in the same room makes me want to jump out the closest window.

Q:   Do you have a small amount of friends and prefer it that way? √
A:   Let me think..I have one friend that I talk to a few times a year…does that count?

Q:   You’re accused of zoning out a lot √
A:   Totally! I get accused of “day dreaming” but in fact I’m solving life’s biggest challenges in my head!

Q:   You prefer writing over talking √
A:   Text messaging is a dream come true!

What do you know?!? There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m just introverted! I’ve been accused of being too quiet, not assertive enough, a loner, not Alpha, not aggressive enough with sales, clients, women, fill in the blank. I’ve heard “You’re never going to be successful if you don’t put yourself out there!” “Why don’t you talk more? What’s wrong with you?!?” You name it…I’ve heard it.

Once I determined that I was an introvert I ignored all the naysayers and embraced my personality. I am successful! I do have a beautiful wife and a great home with two awesome dogs! I have a two businesses and this site. I couldn’t be happier!

So if you’re like me..say it loud, say it proud…”I am an Introvert!!!”...to yourself, alone in your home. 😉

-Skylar Mason

Skylar Mason
Skylar Mason